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Linksicle is a free program that allows you to explore the Web without leaving the page you're on. The program allows you to connect to relevant information faster, it has support for searching and translating information and it allows you to highlight any word or phrase, showing the Wikipedia and Bing results in an in-page window.

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    Guest 3 months ago

    Disgusting. Adware. Comes in on freeware.

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    Guest 3 months ago

    Ack! How did this even get on my PC? It is awful: a pop-up after a pop-up!

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      Guest 3 months ago

      That's the same thing: I was just wondering how I got this. The weird thing is I just got done removing another malware. I have no clue either how and where it came from. It was in my Control Panel to uninstall a program.

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    Guest 4 months ago

    I don't even know how I got this but avoid Linksicle at all cost. I can barely open a window or use a link without being redirected to an ad.

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